Original Contemporary art

British artist John Day originally from London, now lives in France, where, he has a small in house gallery.
Viewing art at their leisure, lovers of affordable artwork get a no obligation art experience, in a relaxed informal atmosphere.

Exhibiting since 2009, John’s work can be found in private collections in the UK, Brazil, France and Ireland.

Although I live in France I am a frequent visitor to Brazil, where a large amount of my inspiration materializes.

J. Day

Tracos and impressoes.
Exhibition of contemporary art.
Estacao Cultura, Catanduva, SP Brazil.
16th April to the 17th May
13th Salao de artes plasticas de Catanduva, SP Brasil 22nd Oct – 22nd Nov

2013 – 15th RENCONTRES D'ARTISTES Montmorillon, France

2014 - One man exhibition L'Espace Culturel du centre commercial Leclerc, Montmorillon, France
January 6th to February 2nd

2014 – 16th RENCONTRES D'ARTISTES Montmorillon, France

2015 – 17th RENCONTRES D'ARTISTES Montmorillon, France

2016 – 18th RENCONTRES D'ARTISTES Space 2000 - Saulgé , France

2016 - Château de la Mothe, Persac, France

2017 – 19th RENCONTRES D'ARTISTES Space 2000 - Saulgé , France

2017 Château de la Mothe
Persac, France 14 juillet – 15 août

If you are interested in purchasing a piece of art and would like a viewing, the Gallery is open for visits by appointment.
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