Textures 1

Artiste: John Day

Technique mixte sur toile sur bois

122.5 x 67.5 cm


Price: €1100.00

In my painting I try to express something of the experience of being in the landscape. Living and working in the central west of France I must say is inspirational. Daily walks near my studio provide a visual stimulation that can’t help but find its way into my work.

Textures, colours, shapes are my source of inspiration. The work is a response to the natural environment and the vastness of the landscape and the rhythm and natural flow of nature, which is characteristic to this area of France.
I work in an intuitive way, burying and unearthing marks and textures. Within this process I explore the shape, colour and texture on the surface of the composition, also making marks in order to form images which express my experiences in the local landscape.

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Textures 1