John Day Fine Art

Original Contemporary art

Artist John Day lives in France, where a collection of his work is contained and displayed in his house. John said, having a gallery space at home gives potential buyers a sense of what pictures are going to look like within a domestic setting.

A frequent visitor to Brazil, where a large amount of his inspiration materializes. John has exhibited in Brazil, France and the UK and his work can be found in private collections in the UK, Brazil, France and Ireland

You can visit the house in La Trimouille, or we can arrange an appointment at your home or workplace for a private viewing.

If you are interested in acquiring any of the works on the website or would like a viewing, please do not hesitate to contact us

Please note that although great care has been taken to photograph the works accurately, there may be some slight differences between the work and the photograph on the website.


2009: Tracos and impressoes.
Exhibition of contemporary art.
Estacao Cultura, Catanduva, SP Brazil.
2009: 13th Salao de artes plasticas de Catanduva, SP Brasil

2013: 15th Rencontres d'artistes, Montmorillon, France

2014: One man exhibition L'Espace Culturel du centre commercial Leclerc, Montmorillon, France

2014: 16th Rencontres d'artistes, Montmorillon, France

2015: 17th Rencontres d'artistes, Montmorillon, France

2016: 18th Rencontres d'artistes, Space 2000 - Saulge , France

2016: Château de la Mothe, Persac, France

2017: 19th Rencontres d'artistes, Space 2000, Saulge , France

2017: Château de la Mothe
Persac, France

2018: 20th Rencontres d'artistes, Montmorillon, France

                                 John Day Fine Art